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4WD Wreckers Auckland, Waikato & Northland

Do you have a 4WD and currently dealing with any of the problems below?

– Are you paying too much for the maintenance of old 4X4 vehicle?
– Are maintenance costs going beyond the budget?
– The 4WD vehicle is parked at your location for no reason?
– Sick of keeping an unwanted 4X4 vehicle invaluable premises?
– Can’t maintain the 4wds because of expensive spare parts?
– Having an accidental 4WD that’s non-repairable?

If you’re facing any of the above problems, then it’s time for you to take the help of 4WD Wreckers Auckland, Waikato & Northland. 4WD wreckers are the place where you can find solutions for all of the above problems under a single roof.

4wd wreckers

4WD wreckers have all the hassle-free solutions for your 4WD vehicles. Simply contact us by calling at 0800 88 44 55 or (09) 5795152 or fill out the form on the right hand side for a quick cash quote.

Free removal and instant cash on the spot

At 4WD wreckers Auckland, we offer you not only top cash but a free removal of your vehicle at any kind of destinations. Whether hey are parked on the road, stuck in the creak, inside a bush or any other place that you may think its impossible for removal. Simply book your vehicle with us today and we will get one of our team members to your location in less than one hour.

All makes and models 4WD

We buy all makes and models of 4WD’s, trucks or SUV or vans. We’ve been in the 4WD wrecking business for the past 15 years therefore we will know how much your vehicle is worth.

Some of our most common wrecking makes are:


Some of our most common wrecking models are:

-Land Cruiser
-Hilux Utility
-Hilux Surf

4wd wreckers

How to contact 4WD wreckers?

Contact us simply by calling 0800 88 44 55 or (09) 5795152 and get your vehicle booked in under 30 seconds.
You can also contact us through sending an email inquiry for your vehicle and e will reply back to you in less then 30minutes.

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